Welcome to Occasional Wisdom, a web site devoted to covering my thoughts about the world.  Like even a blind pig finding an acorn occasionally, maybe even I will write something wise occasionally.

I have no illusions about very many, if any, people will care enough to actually read this stuff, let alone be influenced by it.  But I find I write and think better if there’s even a small chance someone out there might read it.  I also find it interesting for me to go back and see what sorts of thoughts I’ve had in the past.

I’ve had a series of web sites (i.e. thesecularist.org and theonlooker.org) that I’ve started and then abandoned as my interest in writing has waxed and waned.  Most of that material has been transported to this site – that explains the wide variance in dates of the postings.

So look around – maybe you’ll find something that will spark your interest.  And if you want to contribute some of your own wisdom to this site or have a question you can always email me.

Thinking About Things