Broken Politics

Starting in 2018 part of this site is covering some of the many reasons Republicans ought to be thrown out of office as they come up for re-election.  Certainly the Democrats have their share of incompetent, clueless and truth-challenged officeholders, but the current Republican crop of politicians has become a true menace to our very way of governance.

Since they seem impervious to correcting course the only remaining solution is to throw as many of them as possible out of office.  Losing an election is the only language they understand, unfortunately.  Unless we voters give them an unambiguous message that we will not tolerate this creeping authoritarianism there will be no reason for them to reverse course.

Trump’s antics seem to grow more dangerous by the month and the only body that can rein him in is simply refusing to do so.  The Republicans in Congress are even reluctant to publicly criticize him.  Generally silence conveys consent and one can’t escape the conclusion that Republicans in general are complicit in the growing threat to our democracy.  In the short term they may get some of the things they want, like concentrating wealth and power into fewer hands.  They don’t seem to realize that in the longer term we all lose – including those fewer hands.

Compared to losing our form of governance policy issues (like abortion and second amendment rights) pale into insignificance. I’ve come up with six basic aspects of governance that, if not adhered to, will inevitably lead to a dysfunctional society. Those six are covered in the “Broken Politics Intro” section.

Thanks for reading this far, and please get out and vote in November.

What Can I Do?

The first priority is to register and vote.

You can check your voter registration status in many states online.  Here’s a link to a site that has links to each state’s data base.  This site has links to polling locations etc.

Registration varies by state, so the best way to find out how to register in your state is perhaps to just search for your state name followed by “voter registration”.

The primaries vary widely by state, and NCSL has published this web page with all the dates.

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