Of the six aspects of governance that this web site is focusing on (honesty, competence, authoritarianism, compassion, respect and corruption) honesty is the most important.  If we cannot trust our leaders to be honest with us – to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – then everything else becomes uncertain.

Sad to say, Republicans in general and Trump in particular see honesty as something optional, useful when it supports whatever agenda they are currently pursuing – something to be discarded when it is no longer convenient.

It wouldn’t be difficult to do a daily posting on some Republican (just Trump by himself would suffice) telling a lie, something that is unquestioningly false.  Trump supporters try to play an equivalence game by saying Democrats do it to, and usually support that with Obama’s quote about the ACA and keeping your doctor.  A prediction about something that didn’t happen isn’t quite the same as a statement about something that can be shown to be untrue.  Plus the number of lies accrues heavily on the Republican side.

It might be more accurate to call Trump a bullshitter, who says whatever he thinks will advance his goals with no regard if it is true or not.  What makes this so dangerous is that most Republican politicians and i.e. FOX News don’t seem to care either, generating an echo chamber of lies.

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