Normal Politics

As I mentioned on the Welcome page, it would be difficult to classify me on the liberal/conservative spectrum.  I do think government can be a force for good, but I am fully aware that as governments become more powerful they become more attractive to those whose interest is power, not the public good.  My main political principle is that power corrupts…

As also mentioned on the Welcome page I am relentlessly rational and evidence-based.  I get annoyed when politicians talk about the benefits of some policy but never get around to talking about the costs.

In the current (2017) political climate I lean towards the Democrats, not because I like them especially, but because the GOP has become totally corrupt and dysfunctional, appealing to some of the worst angels of human nature to stay in power.  I find Trump unfit to govern and a real danger to the country. More information on this can be found in the “Broken Politics” section.

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