Chaos About the Spending Bill

In a mad dash to prevent another government shutdown, or yet another continuing resolution, the congress passed a spending bill – emphasis on the word “spending” – some $1.3 T.  Yes, that’s a “T” as in Trillion.

You would have thought that a competent president would have been working with congress on such a bill, but apparently he didn’t.  The Republicans there knew they needed to pass something, so it looks like they just gathered up everyone’s ideas, except Trump’s wall, and quickly put together a 2,000+ page bill that likely no one had read by the time it was passed.  Of course he tried to blame the Democrats, ignoring the fact that Republicans control all the branches of government.

So the bill gets to Trump’s desk and all of a sudden he’s thinking of vetoing it.  After a day of chaos he finally signs.

This is incompetence on a massive scale.

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