The Curious Case of Mr. Broidy

Trump just seems to attract supporters who have had legal or ethical issues.  An example would be Elliott Broidy, a businessman who supported Trump in the election and then used that connection to further his own business pursuits.

The New York Times has a long and illuminating article on his activities and is well worth the read.  As an example here’s one paragraph:

“The documents reveal that Mr. Broidy, a vice chairman of the finance committee for Mr. Trump’s inauguration, arranged invitations to parties celebrating the event for foreign leaders with whom Circinus [Broidy’s company] worked to sign contracts that could have been worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Mr. Broidy in some cases presented the invitations in a manner that suggested they were linked to their countries’ willingness to do business with Circinus.”

Given how blatant these activities  it seems that Broidy thought that this was going to be acceptable procedure under the Trump administration.  Why would he think that?

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