Chaos at the PPO

The PPO (Presidential Personnel Office) is responsible for finding and vetting the several thousand politically-appointed positions in the executive branch.  A recent article in the Washington Post investigated the workings of this little-known but critical office and their findings are truly depressing.  It’s a long article but well worth your time if you want to get an accurate picture of just how incompetently this administration is.

Regardless of ones political leanings or loyalties there has to be some amount of organization competence – even draining the swamp and/or destroying the deep state requires one to be able to manage things.  WaPo probably wouldn’t have even bothered assigning two reporters to see what has been going on at the PPO except for the slowness of all these jobs being filled, and often filled by less-than-stellar candidates.  The problems at the PPO almost all stem from Trump’s poor management style.  Chris Christie was working on the transition and had assembled a list of candidates for some 300 jobs.  Trump abruptly fired him, Christie says, because Christie opposed hiring Mike Flynn.  Looks like Trump made two really poor decisions at one time.

Can you imagine the outcry (and investigations) if Clinton ran things this badly?

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