Supreme Court Must Always Be Republican?

Several days ago retired Supreme Court justice Stevens (a Republican, by the way) wrote a NYT editorial about repealing the 2nd amendment.  It didn’t take long for Trump to respond with a tweet, the last part of which was: “We need more Republicans in 2018 and must ALWAYS hold the Supreme Court!”  Republicans presently account for something like 40% of the population.  Should that 40% have the ability to interpret the Constitution to suit themselves, ignoring the wishes of the other 60%?  Assuming that Trump means what he tweets (always questionable) it seems apparent that he would be willing to use the courts and the law to enforce his view of what the U.S. should look like.

Most of us probably think that the law and the courts that enforce that law ought to be politically neutral.  Of course there are different legal and constitutional philosophies guiding different judges, but becoming partisan is almost certainly more dangerous.  One mark of any authoritarian government is its efforts to control the judiciary, as any number of historical recountings will confirm.

This attitude shows no respect for the Constitution.  None.


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