Originally posted on June 8, 2020

Charlotte, NC is the (presumed) site for the 2020 Republican convention in late August. With the advent of the coronavirus North Carolina, like many other states, has placed restrictions on large gatherings, especially indoor ones. The GOP estimates that there will be 50,000 visitors from all around the country, if not the world. Social distancing would be impossible and the GOP is hostile to masks, as shown by a Trump retweet:

The CDC has guidelines for avoiding the virus, and one of them relates directly to a large political convention:

The map below, compliments of the New York Times, shows each county’s increase or decrease in cases, as of the week ending June 7. The colors: blue = decreasing, tan = steady, brown = increasing, orange/red = increasing rapidly. Mecklenburg Co is increasing its cases, in this case from 9.9 per 100,000 to 17.1 in that week.

So you can see why the authorities in Charlotte and NC might be reluctant to guarantee that the convention can be held as usual, with all of the crowds and mass hoopla. Apparently all those crowds and hoopla are important to Trump and he has tweeted his displeasure at NC’s interest in public health, threatening to move the convention to some other (Republican-controlled) state.

Stay tuned for future developments.

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