Fact Finding

Originally posted on October 20, 2020

As part of doing the research for my various postings I end up rooting around in areas of the web that I normally wouldn’t visit. It should no longer surprise me how much misinformation is out there, including downright lies, but it does. I do rely on a number of sites that I think are reliable, but I try to check alternative sources to see if somehow I can ferret out the truth. Below are my “trusted” sources.

  • AP Fact Check. This is updated almost daily, has no pay wall, just ads. Really good and reliable, although I would like more references.
  • Washington Post Fact Checker. Behind a paywall. Assigns “pinocchios” and even “lifetime pinocchios”. Does longer analyses of untruthful statements.
  • Snopes. Accepts memberships, otherwise free.
  • Annenberg Public Policy Center. No paywall, accepts donations. Longer articles, deeper analysis.

Another list is one of my go-to sources, ones that I trust sort of. A Trump supporter could argue that these are left-wing fake news sources. My reply is that they are a great deal more truthful than, say, Fox or Breitbart.

  • New York Times. Paywall. All the news that’s fit to print.
  • The Atlantic. Paywall. Long, thoughtful articles.
  • Real Clear Politics. No paywall. A collection of articles from other sources, both left and right. Also polling data. Most of their internal writers are from the right.
  • Lots of other mainstream outlets, like the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, other local papers. Not television too much – they are too sensational and brief for my purposes.

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