Rebel Bases?

Originally posted on June 11, 2020

The U.S. has 10 army bases that are named for Confederate generals (and one colonel), all of them in former Confederate states. This naming occurred during WWI and WWII and was based on the idea that the bases should be named after “local” military leaders.

Due to the recent turmoil surrounding the Floyd killing the Pentagon started thinking about renaming those bases. They are, after all, named for erstwhile enemies of the U.S. Trump, I guess in deference to his large Southern following, has rejected any movement for renaming.

The response to the renaming idea has been all over the place. In the Republican-controlled Senate Armed Services Committee, a bill including such language was passed by a voice vote. Republican Senator Cornyn, from Texas, is resistant.

The New York Times had a nice article explaining some of the background and history of the bases and other Confederate memorials.

It does seem strange that a draft-dodger like Cadet Bone Spurs is so enamored of the military. I guess its easy to be all for fighting wars if you’re sure you and your kids won’t be doing the fighting.

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