Originally posted on June 24, 2020

With most all the polls increasingly showing him losing ground to Biden, Trump keeps lashing out at, well, everybody he doesn’t like. Obama has been a favorite target, never mind that pretty much every accusation Trump has levied against him has, at least so far, shown to be false. Birthergate, anyone?

In a recent interview with a fawning “reporter”, Trump upped the ante once again, accusing Obama of treason. As usual, there was no evidence provided, nor even an idea of what Obama did that was treasonous.

Here’s a clip of that part of the interview. The New York Times noted it also. I guess what Trump is accusing Obama of is spying on his campaign. Start with all the indications that the Russians, at the very least, were interested in messing with the election. Add to that the numerous connections between Trump’s campaign and the Russians. Top it off with Trump’s very public request to the Russians for assistance. One could make a better case for treason if the Obama administration didn’t investigate.

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