Tulsa II

Originally posted on June 21, 2020

The Tulsa rally was held last night and my opinion of Tulsans has gone up. Even in a heavily red state, the 19,000-seat arena had lots of empty seats. The fire marshal’s estimate was just 6,200. Trump’s campaign said it was due to all the mainstream media’s Fake News obsession with the coronavirus, along with violent antifa demonstrators blocking the entrances. The virus may have kept some people away, but the antifa demonstrators were yet again a figment of Trump’s imagination.

They had thought there would be so many people they built an outdoor stage so Pence and Trump could speak to the overflow crowd. There were so few out there that they cancelled the speeches and tore down the stage before the main event inside.

His speech went two hours, during which he never seriously addressed the virus nor the recent BLM demonstrations. He did, however, take 15 minutes to discuss his halting walk down the ramp at the West Point graduation, along with demonstrating that he can actually drink a glass of water using only one hand. I am So Impressed.

Trump was reported to be not very happy with the rally. I’m guessing that Brad Parscale’s (his campaign manager) days are numbered. Perhaps the most eloquent statement about the rally is contained in this picture, taken after the rally.

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